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Attic Spray Foam Insulation

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Attic Insulation

Considering that the attic gets exposed to constant changes in the weather and temperature, it cannot be avoided that moisture constantly tries to enter the house through this area. This area of the house needs to be installed with proper insulation material to prevent any kind of damage from slowly building up inside your house.

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attic insulation

Savings Start In The Attic

Savings does not only mean reducing your energy bills. This also talks about the savings you accrue from preventing any kind of property damage from happening to your house. Without proper insulation, hot air can easily enter your attic. The heat eventually builds up and can have negative effects on the flooring of your attic and the type of roofing your house is using. Any material made of wood is known to expand when exposed to heat. This may cause some damage to the wood flooring inside the attic.

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Our Quality of Service Is Proven By Our Client Testimonials

Ecoforyou was able to evaluate the problem areas inside my attic. With a detailed analysis, the company was able to show me why I would have to choose spray foam insulation for my attic. At first. I was skeptical with their assurance that using such a product would cut down my energy bills. After a few months of having my attic installed with spray foam insulation, I cannot be any happier since the promise they told me about the amount of money I would save from my monthly energy bills really happened. I would definitely recommend spray foam insulation to my friends. I would also prefer to have them avail the services of Ecoforyou since their personnel have been so professional and understanding, especially with the number of questions I constantly bombarded them with.

One of the most important things I noticed after availing of the spray foam insulation service from Ecoforyou was that there was less dust building up in my attic. It was always a hassle entering the attic before since my allergies would act up whenever I had to get something, and we missed our regular schedule of cleaning up the attic. However, even if we miss a full month of not cleaning the attic, I can easily go inside and get something without worrying about my allergies. This is on top of the decrease of our energy bills. Good thing we found out about Ecoforyou.

I am very happy with the work done by Ecoforyou for my house. I previously had my attic installed with fiberglass insulation. I thought that it was working out great since I didn’t think my monthly energy bills were that high to start with. However, I found out that there were some areas in my attic that had bad odor. Upon checking, I couldn’t believe that molds were actually forming inside my attic. Good thing a friend of mine recommended Ecoforyou to look into the situation of my attic. After they changed my insulation to spray foam, I was actually surprised that my energy bills went down since I was only focused on preventing the formation of molds in my attic. I can definitely say that spray foam is way better than the fiberglass insulation I was using.

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Determine The Type of Spray Foam Insulation

Knowing more about the types of spray foam insulation will help you avoid wasting resources on using materials that would be incompatible with your situation and requirements. Even though both types of spray foam insulation are focused on reducing your energy bills and protecting your home from dust and moisture entering your house, each type has its own special characteristics for specific uses.

It is highly advised that you have insulation experts look into your insulation needs so that they can recommend the best type of spray foam insulation that you may use for your attic. There are different factors that have to be considered before the correct type will be recommended to you.

Do You Feel That Your HVAC Does Not Satisfy Your Preferred Temperature?

Without proper insulation, your HVAC system may find it hard to achieve the temperature that has been set on the thermostat. It does not necessarily mean that your HVAC system is broken if you cannot achieve the level of coolness that you wish to have during a hot summer day. It just means that the heat that leaks into the attic constantly produces hot air pockets inside your house which your air-conditioning system is trying to remove by constantly pumping cold air. You must have an insulation contractor look into this or else you will be wasting money paying for abnormally high energy bills.

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Are You Having Mold Problems In Your Attic?

Formation of molds means that water has been able to leak inside your attic. This should not be tolerated as this could lead to health issues with your family. If you already have insulation installed in your attic, this would need to be checked by an insulation contractor. Having this issue shows that the type of insulation material used is not compatible with your attic.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is spray foam insulation better than traditional fiberglass batts?

One of the issues with fiberglass batts is that they are harder to install on areas that you cannot normally reach or enter. Since spray foam insulation starts out as a liquid foam substance, it will be able to enter those areas with ease before it starts expanding and hardening. Another thing is that fiberglass batts are not able to seal cracks and holes as compared to spray foam insulation. The liquid foam material can penetrate these little cracks and holes to completely cover them. In relation to the issue with molds, fiberglass batts use paper as its backing material. Even if moisture is not absorbed by the fiberglass, the problem is when moisture gets held by the backing material. Paper is a source of food for molds, so they can easily live on the backing material of the fiberglass batts. With spray foam insulation, moisture cannot penetrate into the material and molds have no source for food to make them live.

Is there a need to ventilate the attic after it has been installed with spray foam insulation?

Since the spray foam insulation material is installed under the roof deck, there is no more need to ventilate the attic. The insulation material keeps the temperature in the attic between 80° and 90°.

Which is more cost-effective: spray foam insulation or traditional fiberglass insulation?

When it comes to the cost of installing the insulation material, spray foam insulation is more expensive. However, when it comes to cost-effectiveness, you get to have higher savings on your energy bills as compared to traditional fiberglass insulation since even the smallest crack will be sealed by the spray foam material. Also, spray foam insulation is known to be durable and can last longer than traditional fiberglass insulation.