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Garage Spray Foam Insulation

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Garages Should Be Properly Insulated

If you treat your garage as an integral part of your house, you must also consider installing it with proper insulation. Garages are used for various reasons other than parking your cars. People usually use garages to store different kinds of materials, chemicals or paints. Without proper installation, these items may be in danger of losing their effectiveness when exposed to heat or cold temperature. Proper garage insulation should be able to maintain the temperature set on the thermostat of your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

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Reasons Why Garages Need Insulation

As storage for items that you do not want to put inside your house, a garage must be able to keep the integrity of these items all throughout the year. With extreme climate changes affecting your garage, some of these items may freeze or lose their effectiveness when exposed to heat. Furthermore, garage insulation can also help you reduce your energy bills. Since the area the garage takes up is less than that of the house, it would mean that insulating it would cost less.

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Client Testimonials Reveal Positive Results From Our Services

Ever since our garage was installed with spray foam insulation be Ecoforyou, my children have really loved using the garage as their entertainment center. I was forced to make a small room for them though. It does not feel humid inside the garage as compared to the time when there was no insulation installed. I am also happy with the workmanship and the professionalism shown by the installer from Ecoforyou. Everything was explained clearly before they started working on the garage.

Changing the insulation of our garage with spray foam has made the area safer. The fiberglass insulation batts we used before were not able to keep rodents and snakes out from our garage. Apparently, there were areas that the old insulation material could not completely seal. These areas were shown to me by the experts from Ecoforyou. It has already been months since they installed the spray foam insulation, and we have not found any animals living inside our garage.

One of the important things I look for with contractors is their professionalism. I have hired many types of contractors to do various jobs for my residence. Ecoforyou is one of those that were able to meet my requirements. When it came to the insulation of my garage, I was only familiar with fiberglass insulation. However, I was not really satisfied with the HVAC system taking a long time to reach the desired temperature ever since I had fiberglass insulation installed. This led me to knowing about Ecoforyou and spray foam insulation. The team that was sent to my residence was able to clearly explain to me the problem areas in my garage which led to the inefficiency of my HVAC system. After I went with their solution of changing to spray foam insulation, I could definitely feel the difference during the summer; my garage is able to get colder much faster than before. For me, this shows that the product they used works pretty well.

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Advantages Of Garage Insulation

Without knowing it, your garage may be one of the causes of your monthly energy bill remaining high. It may not seem like it, but insulating your garage is an investment that has long-term benefits. You should think past the costs of insulating your garage and consider the various benefits you will gain and how these will eventually outweigh the costs.

Improves Comfort And Usability

There are times where you will need extra space in your house to conduct meetings or parties without disrupting the other members of your family. The garage is a perfect answer to your needs. However, if you do not install any form of insulation in your garage, it may seem to be either too cold or too humid for you and your group to stay in. Another advantage that insulation can give to your garage is that it can reduce the amount of noise you may hear coming from outside your property. It will definitely help when you are in discussions with the people you have invited over.

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Availability Of Insulation Contractors

If your concern is that installing any type of insulation would be hard to do, you should look into contacting insulation contractors. These contractors are known to provide you with a team of insulation experts that will evaluate the situation that your garage is in. They will also give you a detailed report using a feasibility study and a cost-benefit analysis. When it comes to the installation proper, the insulation team will bring the necessary tools so that the job will be done cleanly and prevent future problems. They are also equipped with the best techniques needed to do the job.

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Prevent Invasion From Animals

The main purpose of garage insulation is to prevent air and moisture from flowing through the cracks and holes found on the ceiling and walls of the garage. However, some of these holes or cracks may be large enough rodents and snakes can easily pass through to get inside your garage. Spray foam insulation is one of the best types of insulation as it will be able to completely seal any type of hole. When the spray foam material hardens, these animals cannot easily break the material without exerting force to scratch their way into your garage. Spray foam insulation contractors also have their ways to ensure that the spray foam insulation material is backed up by certain materials to prevent these animals from scratching their way into the garage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is garage spray foam insulation worth it?

Even though it costs more to use spray foam insulation for your garage, it is cost-effective since it will reduce your monthly energy bills. When your energy savings accumulate as time passes, you can see that you are actually having a good return on investment.

Should I insulate my garage with spray foam even if no one is living inside it?

There are multiple reasons why you should use spray foam insulation for your garage. If your garage is not being used as a residence by someone, then there is a chance that it may get infested by animals in the long run. Spray foam insulation ensures that these pests will not be able to enter the garage without you noticing them. In addition, you may use your garage as a storage space for items that you would not normally place inside your house. You may store paints, fuel, or any other liquids that must not be exposed to extreme temperature changes. Spray foam insulation will make sure that the garage will maintain the temperature set on your HVAC system to prevent the items from losing their integrity.

What parts of the garage will benefit from spray foam insulation?

The main areas where spray foam insulation is used are the walls, garage doors, and the ceiling of your garage. These areas contain little cracks and holes that air, moisture, and pests can pass freely through. There are also electrical outlets that need to be sealed by spray foam insulation to ensure that water will not be able to leak into them. This will prevent corrosion from forming in the connections of any electrical components installed.