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Insulation Exterior Walls

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Guard Your House By Insulating Exterior Walls

The process of installing insulation material on the external walls of your house is crucial in keeping foreign elements such as pests, pollutants, and moisture out. There are only a few types of insulation options that may be installed on solid walls that do not have cavities.

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Importance Of Insulating Your Exterior Walls

One of the many reasons why it is a smart move to insulate your exterior walls is that it will help create savings on your energy bills. Insulation is all about the prevention of air from flowing either into or out of the confines of your house. This is very important for houses that are exposed to extreme climate changes all throughout the year.

Putting insulation also acts as a way of sealing your house from negative elements from entering through any cracks and holes that may not be easily visible to you. The correct type of insulation material can even prevent water from leaking into your house to avoid the formation of molds and mildew. For those who are interested in building eco houses, they will need to use eco-friendly insulation materials. These will ensure that they will be able to create zero-energy buildings. People who prefer this type of insulation will have a great impact on the environment.

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Our Quality Of Work Can Be Seen Through Our Client Testimonials

I was actually surprised that our home was not previously installed with insulation before we bought it a year ago. I thought all along that the reason why our heating and air-conditioning were not that effective was because there may have been electrical issues with the systems. However, after my friend recommended having our house checked by Ecoforyou, they were able to determine that we actually had no insulation installed. The company showed us their reports and recommended to us having the exterior walls of our home installed with spray foam insulation. My family was skeptical because it was an unexpected expense for us. But with their assurance that our monthly energy bills would be reduced, we decided to take the chance. We were able to feel the difference almost immediately with our air-conditioning system as the house was able to get colder faster than before. Also, my wife was happy to see that our energy bill was considerably less than before the spray foam insulation was installed. I would definitely recommend Ecoforyou to my friends in Canada.

Our home was experiencing a pretty bad mold buildup in some parts of the house. We would not have found out about those molds had it not been for one of our friends noticing the weird odor coming from a couple of areas inside our house. They introduced us to the Ecoforyou to have the house thoroughly checked. It was surprising to know that there were many spaces inside our house that had molds growing. We approved of their recommendation of installing spray foam insulation on the walls outside of our house since they said that there were areas that gave enough space for moisture to flow through. So far, there had been no more molds growing inside the house. Because of this, I can say that the solution given by Ecoforyou is effective for our house.

My wife has been complaining that our house gets dusty too fast after it has undergone regular cleaning. We have children that suffer from allergies. These allergies have become a constant problem for them. Their doctor could only find dust as the main reason for activating their allergies and recommended that we contact Ecoforyou. We were confused at first why an insulation contractor would solve our problem with dust entering the house. However, they were able to present to us the problem areas in our house that made it possible for dust to enter our house. Though they recommended a spray foam insulation solution that was a bit costly, we decided to go for it for the sake of our children’s health. Ecoforyou told us that the investment would give us a return on investment after a couple of years, but as I see it, the return we were looking for happened in just a few weeks. There has been no more irregular buildup of dust inside our house, and my kids have not been complaining about their allergies for some time now.

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Insulating Exterior Walls Leads To Noise Reduction

Spray foam insulation is one of the best materials that can be used to prevent air and moisture from getting into your house. However, one of the characteristics is its ability to act as a sound barrier. When you use spray foam to insulate the exterior walls of your house, the foam material can block some of the noise that may come from either outside or inside your house. This assures you that your neighbors will not be disturbed with any loud sounds you are making in your house, while the insulation material also helps reduce any noise from going into your house.

Exterior Wall Insulation Does Not Take Up Floor Space

When installing spray foam insulation internally, there is a need to build wooden frames, vapor barriers, and plasterboards. This would use up some of the floor space inside the house. For those who are concerned that their rooms lack space, it would be best for them to focus on having their exterior wall insulated instead.

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Reduction Of Cold Bridges

Masonry walls are preferred by most people since they are used to create a very strong framework to the house. However, cold bridging is an issue with these walls since the formation of gaps is unavoidable. With spray foam insulation; these gaps are effectively sealed to ensure that hot and cold air cannot flow through. This type of insulation acts as a blanket wrapping the house and keeping the walls from getting exposed to cold air.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How durable is spray foam insulation?

The spray foam material will eventually harden after it has been applied and has expanded. The resulting material is known to be unaffected when exposed to hot air and water. This would make it last for at least decades unless they are physically damaged with excessive force. Under normal conditions, the spray foam insulation material may last for more than 30 years.

Does spray foam insulation have a good U-value?

Since U-value is a way to measure heat transfer, the lower the U-value means that the insulation material is better. With spray foam insulation, the closed cell spray foam insulation has U-value of around 0.16 W/m2K. Open cell spray foam insulation, on the other hand, has U-value of around 0.35 W/m2K. This shows that spray foam insulation is one of the most effective choices in the market.

Is it possible to install spray foam insulation on the exterior walls by myself?

It is possible, but it is not recommended. You may need the help from a spray foam insulation contractor to evaluate your property first. This will identify which areas outside your house need to be applied with the insulation material. By asking help from professionals, you will avoid wasting resources in doing the project. Furthermore, spray foam is composed of chemicals that are toxic when inhaled or ingested. You will need to use protective gear so that you will not get sick after doing the job yourself. You have to make sure that the spray foam material will dry out completely to prevent your family members from getting health issues due to improper application.