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Roof Spray Foam Insulation

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A Strong Roof Over Your Head!

Well, who doesn’t want that?  If you take a survey, you would realize that people expect the roof to be the strongest of all portions of their buildings or houses. That is so because any form of leakage from the top would necessitate extensive repairs and repairs do not come cheap.

The sturdiness of the roof guarantees that your home or your business is secure. It is therefore crucial that you do not compromise when it comes to roof insulation. When it comes to roof insulation, your insulation contractor can help you with several options to insulate and maintain a strong roof.

So, ensure you get yourselves well covered!

Hassle Free Application

The process of spray foam insulation installation is relatively quick and simple as compared to other insulation methods with minimum disruption of daily routine. It is a hassle free process that requires fewer people, and can easily be used on roofs of different shapes, sizes and types including asphalt, clay tile, concrete, built-up roofs, metal, wood or shingles.

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Our Work Speaks Through Our Happy Clients

We had been getting our ceilings and walls repaired unknowingly and time and again. We called on Foam Insulation Company to help us determine the reasons for dampness on the walls of the house. Little that we knew that the problem lay in the roof or rather a weak roof. All thanks to their professional help we were able to sort the issue permanently.

Foam Insulation Company is highly dependable and solutions-oriented. Their approach to finding a problem and fixing it is worthy of every penny I have paid for the installation process. Our roof and walls are secure and strong, and with that my family too is keeping healthy.

My daughter is suffering from asthma. When our family doctor visited us last he felt the presence of pollen and allergens in the house. Foam Insulation Company not only spent ample time to locate the gaps but also dealt with it in a swift and sure manner. I thank them for their timely help and support.

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The best thing you could do for your family and your home is getting your house insulated. From lowering the energy usage to enhancing the structural integrity of your walls and roofs, insulation will make your home energy efficient, comfortable and a healthy space conducive to your wellbeing.

When it comes to SPF or spray foam insulation, there are essentially two types- Open Cell Foam and Closed Cell Foam. Understanding the difference between the two will help you understand which type of SPF will suit your needs better.

Environmentally Friendly

The emission of volatile organic compounds from spray foam is very low. It is also known to be CFC free. Thanks to its superior energy efficiency and its durability, it reduces the need for constant repairs, roof tear-off etc. reducing the load on landfills.

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Long Lasting

Spray foam roofing provides strong adhesion to roofs making them resistant to wind uplift. If applied right, they last for deceased and provide higher insulation value than other roofing materials.

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Depending on the kind of application, the properties of spray foam vary from soft to rigid. This depends on whether your roof needs to endure the pressure of extreme weather, heavy equipment, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Wouldn’t roof insulation suffocate the environment?

No! In fact it will provide for a healthier disease free environment. Roof insulation caters to ventilation too as insulation is placed under the roof deck. It elevates the plane from the ceiling to the roof deck, which provides a conditioned space in the attic. As against the normal temperature of 150°, it falls within the range of 80°-90°.

What kind of problems can occur because of a weak roof?

There are many that can be listed. Damming and water leakage invite growth of mold and fungi which is extremely unhealthy. The water trickles down the cracks and leads to dampness and further damages, for which the repairs could be costly. Seepage from the roofs can also cause damages in the wiring or lead to short circuits. The insulation prevents fire and other accidents.

Why is spray foam insulation a better choice than fiberglass?

Fiberglass is the traditional form of roof insulation. It can never be a permanent solution to maintaining the desired air conditioning inside because it will always have space for air to pass through. Roof insulation on the other hand seals completely, protecting the roof from elements outside.